Seises site

So nice to see you on my pages, while you’re here, you can always continue to look at the pages here. This website focuses much about one of my big interests and it is photography, but also Photoshop to some extent. The photographs that you see above are all mine, I chose to put these on the front page because they fit so well with the theme of the page. At the bottom left you will find other pages where you can follow my photography if you feel like it, are you a photographer so I can recommend hand YouPic which is free and not limited to the number of photos to upload as many sides.

On these pages you add only a certain part as long as you are not paying for the location on can also compliment other people’s photos and then much more including so they have various photo contests can be fun to be in if one is not bad loser would say. Would there be any trouble with any of the pages please let us know via email. Most images you see on the pages are clickable, then you can click on them and get the bigger picture.

Hope that you understand my English and what I write on these pages..