Seises site

Nice that you found my homepage. On these pages I will write about such that interests me most. Such as shooting and working in Photoshop. These pages have changed a couple of times, but now I run with Word Press and change the theme when i find something interesting. You can move around with the help of the menu at the top of the page, the images in the banner is own photos and photo montages. And the 4 images here above are my photos from 2015 and 2016.

I’ve been member on many photo sites but they were expensive if you wanted to load up more than 10 photos, then I found a site named YouPic where you can load up how many photos that you wish and it’s free. You’ll find it at YouPic, a link to my page at YouPic you’ll find down below in the footer.

I’m also a member of a site named “Moderskeppet” which means Mother Ship, they have a lot of video courses about photo, how to work with Photoshop and other Adobe products and much more. I help them by subtitling their courses, so that people with impaired hearing and other hearing impairment can follow them. I write subtitles voluntarily without pay or stuff like that, they are looking for more Swedish people who want to help for a good cause.

If you find any trouble with any of the pages please let me know via email. You’ll find a mail page under Contact. Most of the images you see on the pages are clickable, you can click on them and get a bigger picture.

Hope that you understand my English and what I write on these pages. If you see any misspelling or Incorrect grammar, Please let me know.